I operate on a mental calendar loosely based on CGP Grey’s Theme System. It centers around two seasons.

  • Flux (in the winter) - a time of introspection and looking within
  • Rux (in the summer) - a time of growth and new beginnings

It’s not tied to any specific month and sort of just goes by vibes. It’s been 80+ degrees where I live and I hung out with some friends from high school which is a summer-y activity so now it’s rux.

Recap of last rux

hawk (hare awk)

Last year, Drew Devault released the hare programming language. I tried to implement awk in it, calling my version hawk. I only got as far as getting it to print the first space-limited column, the equivalent of awk '{print $1}' here’s the code of that abandoned project:

use os;
use io;
use fmt;
use bufio;
use getopt;
use strings;
export fn main() void = {
    const args = getopt::parse(os::args).args;      // args is list of command line
    const delimiter = " ";
    const selection = 0;
    for (true) match (bufio::scanline(os::stdin)) { // loop over stdin
        case io::EOF => break;
        case let line: []u8 => let line = strings::fromutf8(line);
        fmt::println(strings::split(line, delimiter)[selection])!;


  • Last summer I got a fulltime job (still here but in a different position)
  • My friend group got obsessed with mincraft (which seems to happen every summer)
    • I actually only remembered this after going through old journal entries to write this blog post but I brought it up and it motivated us to start up another minecraft server
  • I went to anime expo


This rux, I’ve started drawing, I’ve mostly been posting them on mastodon: